Core Business:

Water :

The ever expanding industrial scene with its supporting technologies has increased the demand for a variety of water purification equipment and systems.
Triple E designs and manufactures products covering the whole spectrum of water purification requirements with special emphasis on high purity systems using different ion exchange technologies including:

- Base Exchange Softeners
- Dealkalisers
- Two Bed Demineralisers (co-and countercurrent regeneration)
- Mixed Bed Demineralisers
- Condensate Polishers
- EDI units

Some countries are blessed with natural water resources such as lakes or rivers, termed as surface waters, however surface waters are not only open to contamination from natural pollutants and organisms such as bacteria, viruses and parasites that can cause serious illness; they also face exposure to human and animal waste.
Triple E offers several systems to treat surface water and make it suitable for human consumption. Such systems include:

- Ultrafiltration.
- Microfiltration.
- Nanofiltration.
- Flocculation, clarification, filtration and disinfection.

Desalination by reverse osmosis (RO) gained importance due to its economy of use for both brackish and sea water applications.
Triple E RO units are used in the following applications:

- Municipal Water Supply
- Beach Resorts and Hotels
- Mobile Camps and Contracting Facilities
- Offshore Platforms

Several years of water disinfection experience using gas chlorinators, hypo-chlorinators, ozone generators and UV radiators installed. Triple E supplies disinfection equipment and plants for a variety of applications including drinking water, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

Waste Water :

Triple E sewage treatment plants cater to a wide spectrum of applications requiring aerobic, anaerobic or membrane treatment processes. Triple E utilizes various biological systems including: Contact Stabilization, High Rate Activated Sludge Extended Aeration, Oxidation Ditches and Conventional Activated Sludge Aerated Lagoons.

Alternative treatment technologies suitable for specific applications include: Membrane Bio-Reactors (MBR), Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR) and Trickling Filters.

Triple E’s teams of engineers work in partnership with clients to develop industry-specific wastewater management programs that are economical, practical and efficient. Triple E’s wastewater management techniques have been successfully implemented in various industries such as Power, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Slaughterhouses, Dairy, Paper and Edible Oils.

The company’s state-of-the-art industrial affluent treatment technologies include membrane separation used for applications such as removal, recovery or concentration of metals, sterile filtration in the medical industry and textile sizing.

Triple E has implemented many municipal scale sewage treatment plants on a supply and supervision or turnkey basis for large cities for mid-size communities.

Triple E’s range of packaged sewage treatment plants are either factory-built sectional-steel units or site-assembled panel tank systems. This range is built to cater for smaller communities, temporary construction facilities, hotels and resorts, commercial ships, hospitals and schools.

Grey water recycling is making its way into the mainstream building market due to the rising water rates and the development of economical and sustainable designs.

Triple E’s recycling systems have been installed, tested and approved by a number of independent authorities worldwide. The produced disinfected water has characteristics that surpass those required for toilet flushing applications and water consumption savings of up to 40% have been recorded.